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Chromebook Information

We will be implementing a few changes with Chromebook checkouts. Please encourage your students to come prepared with their Chromebook and charger each day. We have limited extra Chromebooks available for checkout.  These Chromebooks are given to those students who have turned in their own Chromebook for repairs first which leaves us with only a few additional loaner Chromebooks for those students who forget their Chromebook. We have had an increasing number of students who have checked out loaner Chromebooks several times a week or daily which leaves those who have their individual Chromebook turned in for repair without one.  Beginning November 18th, loaner Chromebooks will only be checked out to those students who have their Chromebook in repair status.  Students who are unprepared will need to have a parent bring their Chromebook to the school or work with another student in their class to get their assignment or work on a paper copy.  We will continue to provide a charging station in the media center for those who forget their chargers and need a place to charge their Chromebooks. As a reminder, the Chromebook repair assist program can still be purchased on My Student.    Thank you for your support.