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Snowcrest Standards & Policies

Snowcrest Standards and Policies

The following standards have been developed and reviewed by parents, students, and staff.  They are meant to help us understand expectations necessary to success at Snowcrest.


One of the most significant factors affecting school success is regular attendance.  Students have a responsibility to be in their classes, on time, and be prepared to learn.  Regular and consistent attendance is imperative for academic growth and educational success. Parents/guardians who have activated a Portal account may request to be notified each day by email if any absence or tardy is reported in any class. 

When a student is absent due to illness or a family emergency, the parent should call the school, ASAP, to excuse the absence.  Unexcused absences must be excused by parents within 3 days of the absence. Parents can call the attendance secretary at 801-476-5360.

Students arriving over 15 minutes late to class will be marked absent/late. This absence may be subject to excuse by parent/guardian. 

It is the student’s responsibility to contact teachers for make-up work for excused absences. Make-up work policies vary among teachers.

Special arrangements for homework for long-term (3 days or more) absences can be made.

Any unverifiable absence will be marked as a truancy.  


Students coming to school late must take an excuse from parent or guardian to his/her first period class.  Students must check in at the attendance office before going to class.


A student needing to leave school early must check out through the attendance office.  Personal contact with the parent is necessary in order for a student to check out.  A student who leaves school without checking out will be considered truant. 


 A student will be considered truant if:  

  • -he/she is absent but not excused from class
  • - comes to school but does not attend class
  • - leaves school without checking out in the Attendance Office
  • - obtains permission to leave class to go to a certain point, but does not return in a timely manner
  • - is in the hall or other areas of the building without a hall pass.

Make-up work may not be accepted in the case of a truancy.

Each truancy can result in a drop in citizenship in each classed missed.  Truancy intervention steps include:  warning, parent contact, In-school-suspension/detention, parent conference(s), suspension and possible district referral.  Truancies may also affect eligibility in extra-curricular activities and school incentive activities. 

Academic Grades

At the beginning of each course, the teacher will inform the students of class policies and grading expectations. This is done via a disclosure statement which is reviewed and signed by the student and parent.  

Citizenship Grades

In addition to academic grades, citizenship grades are given by each teacher.  The citizenship grade is printed on the report card and is also used to determine extra curricular eligibility and/or incentive activity participation.

H –Honor – outstanding preparation and participation. A highly positive, supportive, and contributing influence in class.  Very respectful of teacher, other students, and property.  No disruptive behavior. Not more than 1 tardy during the quarter.

S –Satisfactory –good preparation and frequent participation. Usually a positive, supportive, and contributing influence in class. Shows respect for teacher, students, and property. Seldom disrupts class.  No more than 3 tardies during the quarter.

N -Needs Improvement -fair preparation and participation. A passive, often non-productive influence in class. Exhibits some lack of self control and disrespect for teacher, students, and property. Often disruptive.  No more than one truancy and/or no more than 4 tardies during the quarter.

U -Unsatisfactory –poor preparation and participation. A negative influence in class.  Exhibits lack of self control. Shows little interest or respect for teacher, students, or property. Very disruptive.  Six or more tardies and/or two or more truancies during the quarter.


All personal injury accidents occurring on school grounds must be reported.  After appropriate care has been rendered, the supervisor of the activity or the person injured must complete an accident report form available in the office.

Address and Telephone Changes

Please notify the main office if any change occurs in your address or your telephone number.  In case of an emergency, it is very important to have the correct address and telephone number on file.

Alcohol or Drugs

The possession or use of intoxicants or any other controlled substance is prohibited in or around school or at any school activity, function, or event (See Weber School District Alcohol and Drug Policy).  Alcohol or controlled substance violations(s) will result in suspension, referral to the police and an appropriate intervention program for help and a parent conference and a signed no-use contract.


They are planned to be educational, informative, and entertaining.  All students are required to attend and behave appropriately.  Loss of assembly privileges may result from unacceptable conduct.


Students are welcome to ride a bicycle to school, but may not ride it on school grounds.  Please understand that the student takes full responsibility for securing his/her bicycle in the bike racks.  The school is not responsible for damage or theft.


A fee is charged for textbook rental.  Students are urged to be extremely careful with the books as they must be used for several years.  Students are encouraged to cover textbooks to protect them.  Fines will be assessed for damaged or lost books.

Building Hours

The building will be open for students at 7:15 AM.  Snowcrest is a closed campus, and students will remain in the building or on the school grounds during the school day.  Students must leave the building by 3:00 PM unless directly supervised by a teacher.  (i.e. sports teams, make-up work, tutoring, etc.)

Bus Conduct

School Rules for Conduct apply whenever a student rides the bus.  Any student violating rules, safety precautions, or driver instructions will face disciplinary action and may be denied the privilege of riding the bus. Students must ride their designated bus. Exceptions must be pre-approved in writing by parent, principal, and bus driver.


Show respect by cleaning up after yourself.  Remember to eat or drink only in mall area.  Running, crowding, shaking machines, or other misbehavior in the cafeteria (mall) during lunch time may result in loss of cafeteria privileges.


Any incident of cheating will result in a lowered citizenship grade and an academic grade penalty in that class for the quarter.


Students will be assigned a personal Chromebook and charger to support their educational learning opportunities. Students are responsible for the care of the Chromebook and charger.  Chromebooks are individually labelled with a unique bar code.  Any labels placed on the Chromebook when issued must remain on the Chromebook.  No additional permanent markings of any kind shall be placed on the Chromebook.  While the devices are issued to students, they are still district-owned property.  Additional markings on the device will be considered vandalism.   Students will be allowed to take the Chromebooks home for school-related use. Students are expected to charge their Chromebooks nightly at home and bring them to school fully charged. Students and parents will be responsible for district-owned technology property issued to them, just as they are responsible for other district-owned items such as textbooks and library books. The district will repair the device, but students and parents will be responsible for the cost of the repairs or replaced devices.  The liability on families/students can be significantly reduced by purchasing optional Chromebook Repair Assist Program for $25 (non-refundable) per year. Students should use Chromebooks for educational purposes only during class time.  If a student is not using their Chromebook for educational purposes, the following consequences will be taken: 1st: Warning, 2nd: Student will be asked to close the Chromebook or put it away, 3rd: Teacher will keep the Chromebook for the remainder of the class period, 4th: Repeated violation will result in a meeting with Administration. 

Class Changes

We are a small school and it is very difficult to make schedule changes.  There are some circumstances that may require a schedule change. Any changes must be requested by a parent, approved by an administrator, and include a cost of $10.00.

Closed Campus

Board policy requires junior high schools to maintain a closed campus.  Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds from 7:40 AM until 2:30 PM.  Eats of Eden, Maverick, and Valley Market etc. are OFF LIMITS during school hours.  School facilities both indoor and outdoors are closed to the public during school hours.  All adults must check in the main office.


We have a lot of fun at our dances and all Snowcrest students are welcome. Appropriate conduct and dress is expected. School dances and stomps are not open to students not attending Snowcrest.

Digital/Electronic Media Device Policy

The appropriate use of cell phones and other electronic devices will be permitted before and after school hours and in the hallways during student passing periods as well as in the lunch room during the student's lunch period. Students should keep their cell phones in their backpack, binder, or locker ect. but not in plain sight.

Students may also use electronic devices in the classroom at the teacher’s discretion. The use of cell phones and other electronic devices for inappropriate reasons while on campus, (including cheating, sexting, harassment, or any use that is inappropriate and in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy, District Policy or disruptive to a positive learning school environment) will be cause for disciplinary action.

Snowcrest Junior High School prohibits the use of cell phones and digital media devices including, but not limited to, (cell phones, headphones, airpods, laptops, cameras, etc.) during class periods unless the teacher allows them for learning purposes only.

Students are not permitted to leave class to use a cell phone or electronic device. It will be considered a violation if the student's cell phone or electronic device disrupts the class. Students are expected to cooperate in handing over cell phones and digital media devices when requested. If a student does not comply, he/she is "insubordinate" and appropriate action will take place. Students may be suspended for repetitive violations of this policy and/or related insubordination.

Filming/taking pictures on school campus during school hours must be under the direction of a teacher and used only for assignments given by teachers. Violation of the camera policy will require the same consequences as other electronic devices. In addition, pictures and/or film may also be viewed and deleted and/or given to the proper authorities if deemed inappropriate by school administrators. 

Violation of the cell phone/electronic device policy will be as follows: 

1st offense: Warning: Phone/Digital Media device is returned to the student. Cell phone/Digital Media device will be taken away by a SJH staff member or teacher and turned into the office. The student’s name will be recorded in the “My Student” application and the item may be picked up at the end of the day by the student. Parents will be notified. 

2nd offense: Parent is required to pick up the Phone/Digital Media device. Cell phone/Digital Media device will be taken away by a SJH staff member or teacher and turned into the office. The student’s name will be recorded by administration in the “My Student” application and the parent is required to pick up the item from the office.

3rd offense: Referral to administration and suspension. Cell phone/Digital Media device will be taken away by a SJH staff member and brought down to an administrator. The student will be suspended for one day and the item will be returned to the parent.

When a student is not in the classroom and classes are in session, cell phones and other electronic devices may not be used unless the use is under the direction of a teacher. The school is not responsible for lost or broken digital media devices.
The taking or sharing of obscene, pornographic, lewd, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate images or photographs will not be tolerated. Other violations of appropriate use involving social media sites such as Facebook and other sites will be addressed on a case by case basis. Violations will be referred to law enforcement.
The school and its employees are not responsible for any lost, damaged, stolen or otherwise harmed digital/electronic media devices brought to school for any reason, with or without school approval. Individuals bringing such devises to school are solely responsible for them. Violation of school cell phone and/or other electronic devices policy and/or reasonable suspicion of a violation of policy or student safety allow the school administration to view the contents of that device. School district policies and State and Federal laws regarding illegal content of electronic devices will be strictly enforced.


Appropriate dress is important to the educational performance and attitude of the students. Students are expected to maintain dress and appearance that is modest and not distracting to students or teachers, and is not distracting to the educational process of the school. When a student’s appearance is distracting, disruptive, immodest, or is felt to be detrimental to the educational process, reasonable and appropriate action will be taken. The following expectations/standards will be followed:

-No clothing, which displays obscene, vulgar, lewd words, messages, or pictures; clothing that advertises controlled substances such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco and breweries, weapons or which is otherwise plainly offensive.

-Shorts or skirts must be at least mid-thigh length from the knee. (Discretion of the school officials)

-No bare or stocking feet—shoes must be worn at all times

-No headwear will be permitted. This includes but is not limited to hats, caps, hoodies, scarves, bandanas, headbands, sunglasses, etc.

 -All shirts, tops and dresses must have a sleeve. Sleeves must cover the ball of the shoulder. Tank tops are not allowed. 

-Pants, etc. must be worn at the natural hip/waistline. No sagging pants. Underwear must not be visible or exposed at anytime.

-No low cut fronts, bare backs or bare midriffs (when elbows are raised to shoulder height) 

-No sleepwear permitted—including pajamas, pajama pants, sleepwear or slippers.

Students who violate this policy will be giving a warning and asked to call home for a change of clothing, remove inappropriate items, or asked to wear school-owned apparel, etc.  Continued dress code violations may result in disciplinary action. 


Eligibility to represent Snowcrest Junior High in athletic, extra-curricular, and inter-scholastic activities is a privilege attained by meeting academic and citizenship standards.  To be eligible to represent Snowcrest as a member of a team or group, a student must be eligible at the time of try-outs by having:

 -A GPA of 2.0 or higher on the official report card for the preceding quarter with no more than one F.

 -Citizenship grades on the official report card for the preceding quarter with not more than 2 N's or 1 U, or 1 U and 1 N.

*Eligibility for student government & cheerleaders: Academic grade point average of 3.00 per quarter for current school year.  No F’s during current year.  No U’s and not more than 1 N per year. Have no incident of truancy during the first three quarters current year.  Must have no history of fighting or inappropriate conduct or use of any controlled substance (alcohol, tobacco, chemical substances, etc.). 


Fights will not be tolerated at school or on the way to or from school.  Any students who fight will be suspended and those who promote or watch fights may be suspended, even if the fight occurs off school property.


Threats and rumors have no place at Snowcrest.  Harassment will result in disciplinary action.

Honor Roll

A student earning a 3.5-3.79 GPA will qualify for the Honor Roll.  A 3.80-3.99 GPA will qualify for High Honor Roll, and a 4.0 GPA will qualify for the Highest Honor Roll. 


Lockers are the property of the school district and may be inspected at any time by school authorities.  Use only assigned locker and keep the combination a secret.  A $5.00 charge is assessed to change a locker combination.  Money or other valuables should never be left in a locker.  The school cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.  Inappropriate decorations or suggestive pictures are not allowed.  No advertising (personal stickers, posters, stamps, ect) on the lockers. The student will be financially responsible for any mistreatment of their locker. 

Lunch Cards  

Student body cards are provided to each student at the first of the school year.  These cards are mandatory to eat lunch daily.  Replacement cards are $5.  

PDA (Public Displays of Affection)

PDA’s such as hugging, kissing, embracing, etc. are distraction and not appropriate at school. 

Report Cards

Report cards can be accessed on the MyWeber portal. Parents are encouraged to check MyWeber for student updates.  If you need log in information for MyWeber, contact the office.

Safe School Policy

For the safety of our students, staff, and visitors, Snowcrest Jr. High strictly follows the Weber School District SAFE SCHOOL POLICY. A copy of this policy can be found on the District website.

Skateboards and Roller Blades

Skateboards or roller blades are NOT allowed on school property or on the bus.

Snow and Snowballs

The throwing of snowballs will NOT be allowed at school and will result in disciplinary action.  Under no condition is snow to be brought into the school nor students dragged out into the snow. 


Students are expected to respect and follow the directions of a substitute. If it is necessary for a substitute teacher to refer a student to the office, he/she will be disciplined in accordance with the Snowcrest discipline policy.


Tardies and behavior determine citizenship grades.  Excessive tardies will result in a lowered citizenship grade, discipline procedures, parent conference, and possible suspension.  Tardy contracts may be sent home for students with excessive tardies. 


Any student involved in stealing school property or the personal property of others, or taking or extorting money from any other student may be suspended and/or referred to the police.


The possession or use of tobacco in any form is a violation of the law.  Tobacco at school will result in a suspension, citation and referral to juvenile court. 


Students should respect all school property, including the property of others. Anyone willfully damaging, defacing, or destroying school property through vandalism, arson, larceny, or creating a hazard to the safety of others, will be liable for any and all damages and may be suspended and/or referred to the police. Report any vandalism observed.

Vending Machines

Theft or vandalism to machines will be referred to the office and to the police. 


Parents and other adults are always welcome and invited to visit the school.  All visitors need to report to the office upon arrival.  No student visitors are allowed.

Weapons and Dangerous Articles

Students SHALL NOT possess any weapon, or any object that can be reasonably considered a weapon (real or facsimile) at school, on school grounds, on a school bus, or at any school activity.  Any student found in possession of a weapon or dangerous article, regardless of intent or who knowingly endangers or threatens the safety of another individual, shall immediately be referred to the police and suspended from school until a thorough investigation is completed.

Special Accommodations for Meetings

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations during a meeting should notify the administration at 476-5360 at least three working days prior to the meeting.