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2023 - 03/07 Agenda & Minutes

Snowcrest Community Council
Agenda & Minutes
Ian Silverberg
Brendy Saunders - excused
Dean Whitehead - excused
Jenna Cook
Whitney Pantone
Amy Gompert

Don Morse
Molly Froerer
Josh Simon

Approval of Minutes
Present Draft of School Improvement Plan
Counselor update: Reality Town/Career Day and registration

Approval of previous minutes
Presented Draft of School Improvement Plan – Discussion of what SGP means and how it is measured. We want to move at least 3% more of our students into the proficient range. SGP data allows us to focus on individual students as a goal rather than a broad, overall school goal.
Discussion about directing the efforts of student advocates toward the goal of the improvement plan. Possibility of strategically implementing practice benchmark and end of level tests throughout the year to help prepare students for the format and online system. Help reduce anxiety levels about how the test works. How can we utilize outside resource/parent volunteers to help?
Discussion about 9th grade math and the data gathered showing the differences between in-person learning vs online options we know about. How do we share this data and the effectiveness of Snowcrest teachers with the community at large? How do we create a better perception of and understanding of the work done at both Valley Elem and Snowcrest?
Dangers of the removal of the north crosswalk over the summer. Especially with large snowbanks when kids cross outside of the current crosswalk there is a real danger of an accident. Might need some community voices to contact the county and ask for the crosswalk to be reinstalled.
School improvement plan unanimously approved.
Counselor update: Reality Town/Career Day and registration