2017 October 3rd - 2:45

Snowcrest Community Council 2017-2018
Agenda October 3rd, 2017





Morgan Creager (year two)

Beckki Endicott (year two)

Kraig Hanson (year one, outgoing chair)

Nanci Lifer (year one)

Ron Lackey (year one)

Heather Hardy (required member)

Maria Inglefield (year two)

Marci Thomas (year one)



  • Chair is responsible to ensure things are done properly; Principal is essential partner
    • Help us -- if we’re not doing something properly, please speak up
  • Meetings are public
  • Members must provide a contact phone number or email for the website
    • Side note -- I’ve never received a call or email in four years of being on councils
  • We have local “rules of order and procedure” -- very basic


Chair (parent); Vice Chair (anyone but Principal); Secretary

Interpreting Test Scores

Meeting times/dates

Last Year’s (2016-2017) Plan

Current Year’s (2017-2018) Plan

Open Discussion

Training Video

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