Community Council Agenda 10/15/2018

Snowcrest Community Council 2018-2019
Agenda & Notes, October 15th, 2018




Kraig Hanson (year two, outgoing chair)

Nanci Lifer (year two)

Ron Lackey (year two)

Krisha Froerer (year one)

Hillary Evans (year one)

Heather Hardy (required member)

Maria Inglefield (year three)

Marci Thomas (year two)


Quick Review: Purpose/Rules

  • Review Annual Report on School Improvement Plan
    • How were funds used and what were the results?
  • Build School Improvement Plan
    • Identify most critical academic needs
    • Recommended course of action to meet those needs
    • How to spend Land Trust funds on those courses of action
  • Minor additional things
    • Assist in the creation of a professional development plan
    • Make recommendations to school, district, and/or board regarding the school, district programs, issues relating to the community environment for students
    • Make recommendations on walking/bus routes, digital citizenship/internet filtering


Chair (parent); Vice Chair (anyone but Principal); Secretary?

Meeting times/dates

Nov 5th, Dec 3th, Jan 14th, Feb 4th, Mar 4th

Interpreting Test Scores

Current Year’s (2018-2019) Plan (Heather)

Prop 1 Video

Open Discussion


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