Library Policies


Library Policies

Check out Policies

  • Students may keep items for 3 weeks.  Students may renew items for an additional three weeks
  • unless items have been requested by another student.
    After the three-week period, a fine of $0.10 per day will be charged to students.
  • If students accumulate fines of more than $1.00, they may not check out items until the fines are paid.
  • Reference materials are to be used within the Media Center.
  • Students will need their school ID card to check-out and renew books.

Media Center Hours

 Monday-Friday 7:15 – 3:00

  • Lunches–The Media Center will be open during both lunches Monday-Friday. 
  • The only exception is if a teacher has previously scheduled the Media Center. 

Library Rules

  • Don’t bring food into the library. Books and computers don’t mix with drinks, gum, candy, and other treats.  
  • Respect other students as they work.  Don’t be overly loud; everyone needs to concentrate in the library.
  • Push in chairs and clean up the surrounding areas you use. 
  • Be respectful to materials and computers in the library.  Put materials back in the proper places.
  • Students entering the LMC during class time (not accompanied by a teacher) must show a Hall Pass signed by their teacher.








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