Career and Technical Education (CTE) has an important mission to accomplish in the Weber School District and at the Weber Innovation Center. Our goal is to open the eyes of our students to the amazing pathways available to them in CTE. We want them to “see the light” in their personal lives and set themselves on a pathway to prosperity and happiness in their career choice. We use the phrase “College and Career Ready” a lot in education. Most people think of a four year college as the goal for their children and there is nothing wrong with that. But what about the multitude of other options available which lead to satisfying and rewarding careers? Skilled workers with specific training are in short supply in the United States. And locally, many employers are not able to hire workers with the skills needed to help them grow their businesses. One local employer who has a machining company told me recently that if he could find enough skilled machinists, he could double the size of his workforce and add on to his facility today. And these jobs pay very well for those with the right training and skills. Where are the skilled workers? Why aren’t they available? Is a four year degree for everyone? What other “college” training opportunities are out there? Can these skilled training certificates and 2 year degrees lead to a successful career and awesome lifestyle?

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