We are preparing for our upcoming Career Day on March 20th. We would like to extend an invitation to our 8th grade parents and community representatives to present and talk to students about their career. We need representatives from all types of careers to expose students to the many career possibilities they might pursue. We only have 4 total time slots available in the morning and  3 in the afternoon. If you are interested in presenting, please call our counseling secretary, Laura Rhees at 801-476-5360 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by February 20th.

Thank you,

Snowcrest Counseling Department



Hello volunteers!

Thank you for participating in our annual Career Day. We are excited to have you come and present to our 8th grade students. You will be presenting to our entire 8th grade, but they will be divided into 4 rotations of about 25 students each. Each rotation will be approximately 33 minutes long. Volunteers/Presenters do NOT rotate.  You will be in one room and present 4 times.  You have the choice of an AM or PM time slot.

 I have asked that volunteers focus on the following aspects. Feel free to add anything else that you would like.

  1. State your title/occupation.
  2. Tell the students about your educational background, work experience, where you got your degree, etc.
  3. Let the students know if there is anything they can be doing now to prepare themselves for your position (volunteer work, specific clubs, classes in high school, etc.).
  4. Tell the students about any advancement that you can make in your position.
  5. Tell the students about the different types of positions you can have with your degree, license, or experience.
  6. Tell the students about the positive and cool things you love about your job. This could include any activities, visuals, demonstrations, etc. If you need a laptop, projector, Internet, copies for handouts, etc. Please let me know. We will have it ready for you.
  7. Question/Answers at the end. The students have a short assignment to fill out during each session they attend.

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