Attendance Policy



One of the most significant factors affecting school success is regular attendance.  Students have a responsibility to be in their classes, on time, and prepared to learn (homework completed, necessary books and supplies). 

Regular and consistent attendance is imperative for academic growth and educational success.

When a student is absent due to illness or a family emergency, the parent should call the school, ASAP, to excuse the absence. 

Any unverifiable absence will be listed as a truancy.  Special arrangements for homework for long term (3 days or more) absences can be made.

CHECKING IN:    Students coming to school late must take an excuse from parent or guardian to his/her first period class.  Students must check in at the attendance office.

CHECKING OUT: A student needing to leave school early must check out through the attendance office.  Personal contact with the parent is necessary in order for a student to check out.  A student who leaves school without checking out will be considered truant.

TRUANCY:  A truancy is given when a student is not where they should be during school hours.  Each truancy can result in a drop in citizenship in each classed missed.  Truancy intervention steps include: Formal notice sent home to parents­, In-school-suspension/detention, parent conference(s), and possible district referral.

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