Utah Basic Civics Test

As required by Utah Law, any public school student who graduates on or after January 1, 2016,
must pass a basic civics test as a condition for receiving a high school diploma. Students must
correctly answer a minimum of 35 out of 50 questions in order to pass and can take the test as
many times as necessary beginning in the 8th grade.

Seniors at Bonneville High School will be taking the initial test during their US Government
class. Student who pass with at least a 70% will receive credit for passing the test. If students do
not pass it during this testing period, they will be required to set up a time with the testing lab
secretary to take the test again.

The test must be passed in the presence of a school official.
Below are some links to help students study for the test. It is important to emphasize that
students WILL NOT graduate if they have not passed this test. If there are questions, please
contact your student’s counselor or US Government teacher.

Practice Basic Civics Test
Practice Basic Civics Test – Answer Key
100-Question Civics Study Guide

(Remember, you can take this multiple times, but until it is passed in the presence of a school officialit will not count towards graduation.)

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