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Snowcrest is:

801.476.5360  |  2755 N Hwy 162 Eden UT  84310

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    ______________________SNOWCREST JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL__________________________

2755 North Hwy. 162 Eden, Utah 84310 Office 801-476-5360 Fax 801-476-5399



OCT 29th- End of 1st Term


NOV 3rd- Volleyball/NAL @ Home  3:30pm


NOV 6th- Volleyball/NAL @ Rocky Mt. 3:30pm

NOV 13th- Volleyball/NAL  @  TH Bell 3:30pm

DEC 2-8 - Boys Basketball Clinic


Spectators to NAL and Volleyball will be limited to 25% capacity.  Wristbands will be required for entrance to all indoor school sponsored athletic events.  Coaches and Advisors will be distributing wristbands to students to give to parents.  The media center is limited to 45 spectators and the gym will be limited to 125 spectators for the home team.  Students wishing to attend the Volleyball game will notify the office and have their name placed in a lottery.  Spectators will be required to wear a mask for the duration of the games and while in the buildingSeating will be permitted in designated areas only. 


Costumes will not be allowed on Oct. 29th.  Any students coming in costumes will be asked to change.  


Lockers will be available by request starting Nov. 2nd.  Students may stop by the main office to request a locker.  Locker may be used to store winter coats/jackets and items students are not using on a daily basis.  Students should still bring their backpack with supplies to class to avoid congestion in the hallway.


Dear Parents and Students,

Weber School District has been continuously evaluating both student needs, as well as our teachers’ capacity to meet those needs. It has become increasingly apparent that expecting teachers to teach students in person, as well as both short-term and long-term flexible learners, is unrealistic in many situations. Even with the additional 45 minutes each day, this expectation is unsustainable. We are proud and extremely grateful for the tremendous efforts teachers have made on behalf of all students during an unprecedented time. They are truly heroic!

We believe that daily, in-person instruction and direct teacher-student engagement most positively impact student learning and well-being. And, a greater variety of course offerings are available to the in-person learner in our schools. However, we understand that families need flexibility, for a variety of reasons, during this challenging pandemic school year. Our four learning options remain the same: In-Person, Short-Term Flexible, Long-Term Flexible and Remote Learning, but “the plan” for the Long-Term Flexible Learner has been modified. Beginning 2nd quarter (November 2, 2020), families who opt to have their students in the Long-Term Flexible Learning Model will be assigned to Weber School District certified teachers in our Weber Online program. These instructors will be supporting your son or daughter via Weber Online and Edgenuity online courses, on a quarter-by-quarter basis.

We will continue to stay connected to you and your child in a number of ways so that if you should decide to have your child return to our school for in-person learning, the transition will be a smooth one. We believe that this adjustment will not only better serve our long-term flexible students, but it will also provide some much needed relief for our regular classroom teachers.  We want to re-emphasize that your son or daughter will be assigned to a certified Weber School District teacher. The online learning programming will be directed by a principal who works solely with our long-term flexible students and teachers. 

Here are the specifics related to the modified Long-Term Flexible Learning Option:


*This modification will go into effect beginning on November 2, 2020 (start of 2nd quarter);

*Students will have until Friday, November 6, 2020 to identify as a “long-term flexible learner;”

*Students/parents choosing the Long-Term Flexible Learning Option should contact the school counselor    Mrs. Thomas  between now and the start of 2nd quarter to be enrolled in online courses; *Students choosing to learn online will be expected to progress and successfully complete their online courses during the same 45-day (quarterly) period;

*The district’s online learning program has been expanded to offer a wider range of courses, but online course offerings will be more limited compared to those available in the traditional school setting;

*Students will be allowed to take online courses and in-person courses (hybrid schedule) at the same time. However, transportation will not be provided to students who opt to take in-person courses in the middle of the school day. If a hybrid schedule is desired, it is highly recommended that in-person classes are taken at the beginning or end of the day and classes should be scheduled “back-to-back.” Students will not be allowed to be on campus during time periods wherein they are enrolled in online courses;

*Students who choose to “go online” for athletic/performance reasons will be required to remain a Long-Term Flexible Learner until the end of the quarter. Moving “back and forth” between in-person and online learning will not be allowed as it is too disruptive to the learning environment;

*There are unique parameters in place for IEP/504 students and those enrolled in Concurrent Enrollment and Advanced Placement (A.P.) courses, as withdrawal from these college-level courses can result in negative academic consequences in relation to college transcripts and scholarships;

*Be aware that enrollment in online courses may jeopardize a student’s chances of qualifying for certain scholarships. Please check with your school counselor if you have any questions on this score; and 

*Students and parents should understand that it is very difficult to acquire the “hands on” skills taught in many of our Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses via online instruction. Also, dual immersion students and those who desire to continue to advance in their study of a foreign language should opt for in-person learning, as these courses are either not offered online or on a more limited basis. Several CTE courses have recently been added to the online course offering list.


As a reminder, the Short-Term Flexible Learning Option (wherein a student is granted up to 2 weeks of online instruction) is still available to students who are quarantined due to exposure to a Covid-positive individual or who test positive for Covid. Students may only be placed on Short Term Flexible Learning by the school administrator Mrs. Hardy.  And, the Remote Learning Option continues to be available to students who desire to remain an online learner (via Weber Online and/or Edgenuity online coursework) for semester or full-year durations. 


We applaud our students’ efforts to “forge on” during a very challenging time in our nation’s history. We are so proud of the resilience and fortitude so many are demonstrating on a daily basis. Keep moving through the adversity, seek out joyful moments and opportunities, and know that we stand ready to support you in any way we can! 


All the best,


Gina Butters - Executive Director of Secondary Education

Clyde Moore - Supervisor of Secondary Education

Sheri Heiter - Director of Curriculum and Assessment

Heather Hardy- Principal


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