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Snowcrest is:

801.476.5360  |  2755 N Hwy 162 Eden UT  84310

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Snowcrest Community Council 2019-2020

Snowcrest Community Council 2019-2020

Agenda & Notes, October 19th, 2020  @ 2:30pm

Location: Snowcrest Jr. High Office - Conference Room

Nanci Lifer - Parent

Krisha Froerer - Parent
Christine Garcia  - Parent
Jennifer Waldrip - Parent
Doug Lowe - Parent
Brendy Saunders - Parent
Heather Hardy - Principal
Maria Inglefield - Faculty Member
Marci Thomas - Counselor



-School Community Council Roles and Responsibilities

-Elections: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary

  • Chair- must be a parent, Vice Chair-anyone but the Principal
  • Members must provide a contact phone number or email for the website

-Current Year’s Plan

-TSSA Plan


-Meeting times/dates: Nov 16th, Feb 8th, March 8th @ 2:35

-Open Discussion


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