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Snowcrest is:

801.476.5360  |  2755 N Hwy 162 Eden UT  84310

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SAGE RESULTS 2017/2018   MALE and FEMALE Proficiency







M 31.8%   F 52.4%

M 31.9%   F 42.1%

M 40.3%   F 49.7%


M 41.2%   F 44.8%

M 41.3%   F 39.9%

M 46.8%   F 45.4%


M 54.9%   F 58.6%

M 42.4% F 4.1%

M 49.8%   F 47.1%






M 42.6%   F 42.9%

M 21.6%   F 48.1%

M 30.6% F 66.%





Snowcrest Junior High

Estimated Distribution for the 2019-2020 school year: $37,522

Goal #1: Increase overall student growth and proficiency levels in Language Arts, and Math by 2% and increase overall growth and proficiency levels in Science by 1%.

Academic Areas: Reading, Mathematics, Writing, Science

Measurements: Results of the 2018-2019 RISE and Utah Aspire assessment will used to measure progress for this goal. Formative classroom assessments including benchmark assessments and grade distributions will be used to determine intermittent progress.

Action Plan:

We will lower class sizes to help decrease the student to teacher ratio. We will accomplish this by purchasing additional class periods for approximately $32,000.

Summer department collaboration for Science, Math, and English will be offered.

Teachers will attend professional development to enhance the PLC process. The Collaborative Leadership Team will attend district training. A team of teachers will attend the Solution Tree Institute for a cost of $2,522.

The student advocate will continue to work with and assist/help struggling students during working lunch, Advisory, after school and as arranged with classroom teachers.

Continue the monitoring system for Advisory for requesting students who need additional support with classwork, makeup work, or credit recovery.

Purchase remedial reading course licenses and technology supplies for reading intervention class.

Provide a study skills/options class for those students needing additional daily support.

We will purchase, maintain, and continue to update classroom technology, including Chromebook leases, projector replacements, and Smartboards or other technologies as needed to support student growth and proficiency for $3,000.

Budget: $37,522.00

Teacher Salaries: $32,000

Teacher Professional Development: $2,522

Technology Needs: $3,000

Total: $37,522

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