November 6, 2017 Minutes Community Council






2:45 - 4 PM

        Snowcrest Office Meeting Room



Parents Present

                      School Officials Present

Morgan Creager

Beckki Endicott

Kraig Hanson

Nanci Lifer

                      Heather Hardy - Principal

                      Marci Thomas - Counselor

Absent: Ron Lackey

                    Absent: Maria Inglefield

Public Attendance:



  • Review of Snowcrest’s Sage Test Scores from last four years
    • 2017 Opt-Out Rate: 0 -7th grade, 11 - 8th grade, 17 - 9th grade!! (out of ~100 students per class)
    • School Grade: C - same as last year
    • Reviewed several graphs of test results, with the overall trend being:
      • Science scores remained high, above average
      • English and Math were low in proficiency
      • 7th-grade growth scores above average in ELA and math, but 8th grade ELA was low (kids said they didn’t learn much in that class)
      • Following groups over time - this year’s 8th and 9th grades tended to have above average scores, but the 7th-grade class was below average
    • Specific Gap identified:
      • Mrs. Hardy pointed out that there has been a persistent gender gap in ELA scores over the last 4 years, with females outperforming males by 15% school-wide last year
    • What areas should we identify to focus on?
      • 8th Grade English
        • We have a new teacher this year so it is a little more difficult to know what will change just given that alteration
      • Male/Female ELA discrepancy
      • Math - especially 8th and 9th grades
        • Mrs. Hardy is considering pursuing a grant to use Aleks for strengthening basic math skills - once kids signed up, could use at school or from home, would increase exposure to computerized tests
        • In addition to improving sage scores, Ms. Thomas raised concern that we need the students to be able to pass their math classes
      • Additional areas to consider:
        • Opt-Out Rate  - affecting our ability to assess what areas are doing well vs need support (17% of 9th graders opting out last year affects the reliability of results)
        • Attendance
        • Need to continue using community council resources to keep contracts for teachers we have purchased an extra period for in the past to prevent losing these teachers, keep class size small
    • Open Discussion
      • What has been shown to effectively improve test scores?
        • Teachers
        • Teacher/student relationship
        • What is being taught and how (Curriculum/techniques)
      • The idea of ability grouping: parents have shut down attempts to assist struggling students with remedial courses, reading help, etc, presumably in an attempt to avoid labeling


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