October 2, 2017







2:45 - 4 PM

Snowcrest Library



Parents Present

School Officials Present

Morgan Creager

Beckki Endicott

Kraig Hanson

Nanci Lifer

Heather Hardy - Principal

Marci Thomas - Counselor

Maria Inglefield - Teacher

Absent: Ron Lackey


Public Attendance:



  • Elections for this year’s Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary - positions described
    • Kraig Hanson nominated and unanimously accepted to continue as Chair
    • Nanci Lifer nominated and unanimously accepted as vice chair
    • Morgan Creager nominated and accepted as secretary


  • Times/Dates for future meetings:
    • Agreed to meet again on Nov 6th, Dec 4th, Jan 8th, Feb 5th, Mar 5th - same time and place.  We will reschedule or cancel meetings as needed
  • Interpreting Test Scores
    • Watched video at http://stream.schoools.utah.gov/videoarchive/assessment/SGPSv2/index.html
    • Discussed some difficulties in making sense of test scores, including comparing the same group of students as they progress through grades, as well as tracking individual students’ progress through SGP (percentage of kids in who scored the same as student A last year who performed better than student A this year) and MGP (the median SGP in a class)
    • Reviewed ELA, Math, and Science Sage test scores from 2016 to 2017, following the same group of students.  Science did quite well - possibly due to offering a full year instead of one semester.  ELA and Math more variable.  Will continue to review these numbers to determine efficacy of plans from previous years.
  • Reviewed Last year’s plan (presented by Kraig)
    • Decrease class size in science and math by purchasing one class period in each subject.
    • Provide additional books for Language Arts classes - class sets of novels to enhance classroom study.
    • Both of these plans were implemented, class sizes were decreased in Science and Math, reading books and professional development for staff in language arts department obtained.  Will track effect on test scores in future meetings.


  • Implementation of 2017-2018 Plan (presented by Mrs. Hardy)
    • Teacher Development Books obtained for entire staff, designated teachers as trainers for the rest of the staff (Maria Inglefield and Sheena Knight - new 8th and 9th grade math teacher).  Trainers will attend district wide PLC training, then report back and train staff.
    • Goal: maintain school-wide Reading scores (already above average)
      • Principal Hardy will attend a district training on how to interpret SAGE reading scores
      • Increased number of English classes (one more 9th grade class)
      • Investigating reading interventions for struggling students
    • Replace classroom projectors older than 10 years.  2 new projectors are on their way


  • Open Discussion
    • Question about budget we are working with for next year.  Currently appears to be unchanged from this year - $29,000.  May change as changed laws go into effect.
    • Future of SAGE test discussed.  For now it will be staying the same for all Jr. high students.
    • Concern raised for the number of students who are ‘opted out’ of taking the SAGE test by their parents, and kids not taking the test seriously.
      • Discussed options for encouraging kids to take test, including offering an alternative comprehensive final for any student who chooses not to take the SAGE test.  Would like to check if this made any difference in number of students who opted out when tried in the past.  Or possibly providing an alternative school related activity to those not taking test so it is not seen as free/play time.


Snowcrest Jr High

SAGE Review


  • The first two pages of graphs show growth scores over time
    • State growth is 50 (i.e. half of the kids in the state grew more than this, half grew less.)
    • The State says that 40 is considered adequate growth
    • Ideally, we would like to improve faster than other schools in the state, so we’d like to see our growth scores increase over time


  • The last page of graphs shows proficiency difference with the state average
    • For instance, if our school scored a 38% and the state average was 32%, the graph would show us 6% ahead of the state
    • These are grouped by class, so you can see a group of kids move through the years
    • For instance, the Class of 2016 graduated Snowcrest last spring. The graph shows their 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade proficiency difference with the state
    • Note: Google Charts don’t indicate a zero on the charts, so if a class tied the state average, there is no colored bar or dot to indicate that. (Help fixing that is welcome!)


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