October 5, 2016

Snowcrest Community Council 2016-2017
Minutes, October 5th, 2016


Parents Present

School Officials Present

Morgan Creager

Beckki Endicott

Kraig Hanson

Kim Kelson

Jori Torman

Curt VandenBosch (required member)

Maria Inglefield

Susan Roane

  • Kraig called the meeting to order at approximately 4 PM and thanked all members for volunteering.

  • We discussed basic rules and laws about community councils.

  • There was a motion and a second to elect Kraig as Chair. Kraig called for a vote. All were in favor except Kraig who didn’t vote.

  • There was a motion and a second to elect Jori as Vice Chair. Kraig called for a vote. All were in favor except Jori who didn’t vote.

  • Kraig presented some thoughts on interpreting test scores and the council discussed. The main point of his presentation was that looking at test scores of a particular group over time compared to a large pool of peers is a good way to determine if real progress is being made.

  • We agreed to keep council meetings at 3:45-4:45. Next meeting was changed to November 9th.

  • Curt presented last year’s plan and the relevant test data. Curt suggested the data showed the goals from the 2015-2016 plan were certainly met for science and were a little less strongly met for math. There were no strong opinions expressed by other council members.

  • Curt presented a spreadsheet of scaled scores with color codes (attached.)

  • Curt presented the current plan (2016-2017.)

  • Regarding Language Arts, Maria discussed the additional novels purchased last spring for this school year. She is very pleased with the ability to send novels home (along with associated worksheets) and expects to see improvements in several areas. (In the past, the novels had to remain in the school to be used by multiple classes.)

  • Kraig showed the Community Council overview video to council members still remaining, Bekki, Maria, Kim, and Curt. The others that haven’t seen the video will watch on their own.

  • Maria began a discussion of educational software tools, such as ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces). The council generally agreed that such tools are something to look into.

  • Maria mentioned another idea of purchasing Scholastic magazines. They are a quality product and have expanded to several subject areas. Kim and Beckki agreed. It will be another possibility when we get to developing steps to achieving our goals.

  • Kraig adjourned the meeting at approximately 5 PM.

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